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Our Proven Method

Reviewing the Past, Working the Present, Changing the Future

Reviewing the Past

A meticulous review of older closed claims, making sure each and every file is 100% up to date before the statute of limitations bars recovery. This is the first step, and in some cases the most valuable in forming the relationship. Searching through claims and digging deep to locate subrogation opportunities, and also determining whether or not a claim is worth pursuing “throwing good money after bad” can be a painstaking task that most insurance carriers simply do not have the time to do in house. This is where our experienced specialists initiate the value that Venture Subrogation brings to the table.

Working the Present

Venture Subrogation Inc uses an analytical strategic approach, utilizing years of experience working hand in hand with existing subrogation teams and claims managers in an effort to increase workflow, minimize costly labor hours and ensure quick turnaround times.  

Changing the Future

Partnering with Venture Subrogation means your team will have the continued support to ensure efficiency and increased recoveries in our ever changing and sometimes overwhelming industry. Our goal is to impact our clients bottom line and increase recoveries by assisting their existing teams. In doing so this frees up both adjusters and subrogation teams, allowing them to focus on other projects at hand.

Celebrating 10 Successful Years